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It is no secret that China is ascending as a global power. It is also no secret that China is one of the genuine supporters of democracy and freedom, especially when it comes to combating internationally supported terrorists, in this case in Sri Lanka. The Asian giant has never used disingenuous and fraudulent accusations of human rights violations to undermine and crucify any nation. The following analysis shows how the U.S. is assisting China become a world power.

China has always respected the sovereignty of Sri Lanka and other countries when some nations violated it many times. Then it begs the following question:


The Time reports “The disputes over Asia’s waters have drawn in the U.S. Last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clintondeclared that the U.S. had a “national interest” in freedom of navigation in the South China Sea and offered Washington’s assistance as a mediator. China responded angrily that the U.S. was seeking to “internationalize” an issue that should be resolved among neighbors”. This is exactly what the western powers did with the LTTE suicide terrorists fighting a ruthless war in Sri Lanka. They “internationalized” the issue, let their human rights groups advocate for the Tamil Tiger terrorists, allowed the same terrorists setup bases on their soil and even offered amnesty to the terrorist leadership during the final phase of the war. China’s reluctance to prevent such a disastrous situation is understandable when learning the facts about what happened on that island in 2009.

The report complains that the Chinese attitude appears to have become substantially more assertive in character. How can this be negative when the U.S. continuously encourages everyone, including LTTE-supporting individuals and rebels in other nations, for example in Libya and Syria, to be more assertive? Finally there is an odd comment: “’For a nation of 1.3 billion people, it’s definitely not enough. We need much more.’ It’s that notion, and not the aircraft carrier itself, that makes the rest of the world nervous”. This is really odd because here in America, we want more and more. We have an insatiable appetite for money and power. We need to satisfy our egos by trying to control everyone and everything. But that’s not good for China?

Let’s look at the nut and bolts of how the U.S. is assisting China become a world power: While U.S. and its European allies pressured Sri Lanka to stop the war against LTTE terrorists and a U.S. Senator stopped military aid to the island on the behest of the LTTE lobby in the U.S., China and Russia stepped up support, in both military and international diplomatic areas to combat terror. Even Pakistan, India and Israel provide crucial military support to counter the suicide terrorists. Therefore when it comes to the peaceful, stable and prosperous environment Sri Lanka and south Asia enjoys today, which nations should really get the credit for helping achieve that? Should we have any doubts as to the immense boost China and Russia got by standing by a democracy and help defend its freedom from terror?

Now let’s look at how we mismanaged our finances, damaged our credibility and weakened our geopolitical standing: The debt ceiling crisis created by U.S. lawmakers and the White House sent shock waves throughout the world and led to global selloff of stocks. It also led to a downgrade of the credit rating of the United States for the first time in history and shattered investor confidence. The lowering of the credit rating has huge negative consequence to U.S. citizens who are the innocent victims here. This brings us the blame game.

Thủy tinh vỡ: Read the complete Time’s story in this post at,8599,2087973,00.html


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