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Taiwan urges China to implement ‘peaceful development’ policy (Focus Taiwan)

Ma Ying-jeou

Taipei, Sept. 6 (CNA) The Ministry of National Defense on Tuesday urged mainland China to carry through its policy ideas behind its white paper on “peaceful development.”

The MND also called on Beijing to honor United Nations resolutions on non-proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and never develop nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction.

The MND issued its statement in response to China’s release of its second white paper in seven years in which Beijing stressed that the country has made a “strategic choice” of peaceful development, hoping to achieve modernization that will allow its people to enjoy a prosperous life and make China a strong nation on earth.

In late 2005, Beijing released its first white paper on the theme of peaceful development.

Lo Shao-ho, spokesman for the MND, said President Ma Ying-jeou has repeatedly stated that the government will seek to maintain a status quo of “no unification, no independence and no use of arms” in dealing with mainland China under the framework of the Republic of China Constitution.

By “no use of arms,” Lo said, the government expresses its opposition to using force to resolve the differences between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Based on that policy, he added, the MND will continue to do all it can to pursue peace and to prevent war.

Lin Yu-fang, a legislator of the ruling Kuomintang and an expert on defense issues, said China’s latest white paper does not have anything new as it just repeats some old ideas.

However, Lin pointed out that as long as China continues to get embroiled in such disputes as the Tiaoyutai Islands, East China Sea oil fields, and South China Sea territories with neighboring countries, the international arms race will not stop.

Opposition Democratic Progressive Party’s lawmaker Tsai Huang-liang questioned China’s sincerity in seeking peace, asking why China has been improving the effective range of its Dongfeng missiles and deploying 2,000 missiles along its southeastern coast.

The United States and Russia have reached agreements to cut their nuclear weapons, Tsai said, demanding China “show its deeds rather than just words” in realizing peace.

If China was releasing its “peaceful development” white paper simply to influence the U.S. decision to sell defensive arms to Taiwan, Tsai said, it would be an act “neither of need nor of necessity.”


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