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Syria protesters storm embassies in UK, Austria (Oman Tribune)

LONDON British police said on Saturday they had arrested seven protesters outside the Syrian embassy in London, including three men who climbed onto the roof of the building and waved the Kurdish flag.

The trio were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage after mounting the roof of the entrance of the embassy, where they waved the red, white and green Kurdish flag with a sun emblem on it, according to television pictures. Three other men and a woman were also held for criminal damage as about 50-60 people joined a protest outside the embassy, he added.

In Vienna, 11 opponents of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s regime were arrested after invading the country’s embassy in Vienna and demonstrating on the balcony, police said on Saturday. They said some 20 people broke into the embassy in central Vienna’s Landstrasse overnight, while dozens of others cheered them on in the street.

In Damascus Syrian security forces allegedly killed at least two mourners and wounded several others when they fired on the funeral of murdered Kurdish opposition figure Meshaal Tamo on Saturday, activists said.

“Two people were killed during a shooting against the funeral procession of the martyr Meshaal Tamo in the city of Qamishli,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement, adding that several others were wounded.

The funeral for Tamo, who was gunned down on Friday in Qamishli in the north, became a mass rally with more than 50,000 demonstrators calling for fall of the regime of President Bashar Al Assad, activists said.

On the diplomatic front, Syrian dissidents were in Cairo to lobby for recognition of the SNC.

Yasser Najjar, a member of the team, told Egyptian news agency Mena the delegation sought support for the recognition of the SNC, after which it would meet to elect a leadership.

Another 90 members of Syria’s opposition gathered in Stockholm for a strategy meeting.

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton firmly condemned the murder. The US on Friday said Assad’s regime is escalating its tactics against the opposition with bold attacks on its leaders, and France said it was ‘shocked’ by the news of Tamo’s murder.

“This is a clear escalation of regime tactics,” US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.

“We are shocked by the assassination of opposition figure Meshaal Tamo… and by the attack on opposition figure Riad Seif,” who was beaten by a mob outside a mosque in Damascus, a French foreign ministry spokesman said.

The Local Coordination Committees inside Syria, meanwhile, accused Bashar’s regime of trying to “physically eliminate” opposition figures.

The official Sana news agency on Friday reported “the assassination” of Tamo and said he was killed “by gunmen in a black car who fired at his car.”

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has reported that at least 187 children have died in Syria among the total of more than 2,900 people killed since mid-March.


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