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This China can break us (Citizen-Times)

In marriage and international relations, dependency invariably leads to hostility.

America’s unconscionable dependence on Chinese products, credit and benevolence has placed both societies in grave danger. We’ll regret having spent tomorrow’s defense dollars on today’s pretense of policing the world.

In a recent simulated fight with China over Taiwan, America lost. The imposing size of our aircraft carriers constructs exceptional targets for increasingly numerous and sophisticated Chinese missiles. Check the manufacturer on your computer for clarity on our vulnerabilities to Chinese military technology.

It’s important to remember the Middle Kingdom remains a Communist country run by dogmatic despots. The gap between the people of China and the government of China is even greater than the gap between our citizens and Washington. There, like here, power, profit, patronage and propaganda, not people, remain firmly in control.

China has embedded flaws and they lie about them. It doesn’t matter if it’s disaster deaths, poverty statistics, systemic corruption or melamine poison in baby formula. China’s economic miracle is not based on affordable labor and manufacturing expertise so much as easy money and real-estate speculation. Their bubble holds lethal potentials to pop our bubble, too.

American greed has artificially empowered China. Did we really believe a Communist country championing sweat shops, women as second-class citizens, and social pariahs in Iran, Korea, and their own government could be a reliable friend? Ask anyone doing business with China. Hurdles are growing, copyright laws are a joke, and trade rules remain steadfastly one sided. Ask Japan, Vietnam and Tibet about territorial disputes.

A cautionary park sign, “Don’t feed the bears,” offers a way around our pending clash with China. Getting serious about fair trade, revitalizing our manufacturing base, legitimizing “Buy American” enthusiasm, living within our means, separating defense from military adventurism, and reaffirming our commitment as the beacon of the free world begin the answers list.

Like a hungry bear, China tolerates a shallow affinity only as long as we feed her. While there’s still time, it’s important to remember who becomes the menu when the food runs out. Another sign outside China’s equivalent of NASA’s space center boldly declares their task and our test, “Without haste, without fear, China will rule the world.”


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