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We have great expectations from India: Vietnam (Business Standard)

Mattoo said China was losing the trust of its neighbours and losing all friends
Concerned over China’s assertiveness in the South China sea, Vietnam wants India to “rise quickly” in the region.

“We are deeply concerned by Chinese assertiveness in the South China sea. The Chinese navy is acting without provocation. These decisions seem to be taken by the Chinese leadership at the highest level,” said Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, president of Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (DAV).

Quy said there was not much clarity in the Obama administration. “That is why we want India should rise quickly. We have great expectations from India,” he said.

The remarks were made at a round table meeting of DAV held here yesterday.

DAV is said to carry out strategic research in international relations and foreign policy, as well as serve as a think-tank for foreign policy for the ministry of foreign affairs, the party and the state.

The meeting was held for the delegates to share information with Australian scholars around regional security issues such as US-China relations, maritime issues in the Indo pacific region and discuss more broadly Australia’s engagement with Asia.

Reacting to DAV president’s comment, Australia-India Institute inaugural director Amitabh Mattoo said: “Chinese assertiveness is bordering on aggressiveness and there seems to be a pattern to Chinese Maritime behaviour.”

Clearly, Beijing believes that its time has come and it wants to exercise hegemony over the whole region. But this behaviour is short sighted and counter productive, he said.

Mattoo said China was losing the trust of its neighbours and losing all friends.

“Outside North Korea and Pakistan, there is not even one state that is not concerned by Chinese foreign policy behaviour,” he added.


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