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China Must Exit Disputed Waters, Asean Leader Says (Wall Street Journal)

JAKARTA, Indonesia—China needs to leave disputed waters of the South China Sea, the Asean secretary-general said Friday. The “next step now, we have to get China out of the territorial waters of” Vietnam, Secretary-General Le Luong Minh told The Wall Street Journal. “That’s the first thing.” Doing that “will be conducive to restoring confidence” in … Continue reading

Timeline of Vietnam and China tensions (AFP/XINMSN)

A boiling over of tensions between Hanoi and neighbouring giant China has left at least one Chinese worker dead in the worst anti-Beijing riots in decades in Vietnam. The countries’ longstanding territorial disputes over the South China Sea have been peppered by tit-for-tat barbs and occasional clashes. Key dates over the years: 1974 January: China … Continue reading

Vietnam’s fury at China’s expansionism can be traced to a troubled history (The Guardian)

China’s aggressive pursuit of oil in disputed waters near the Paracel islands is due to its energy needs and a weak Asean bloc China‘s provocative decision to station a $1bn (£600m) deep-sea oil drilling rig in disputed waters 120 miles off the coast of Vietnam – well within Hanoi’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone, in clear … Continue reading

Chinese warplanes violate Vietnamese airspace (ITAR-TASS)

Chinese combat aviation planes were sent to the South China Sea area where since May, Vietnam claims, China’s drilling platform Haiyang Shiyou 981 is illegally located, Coast Guard of Vietnam says HANOI, May 12. /ITAR-TASS/. Over the past two days, China’s warplanes have repeatedly violated Vietnam’s airspace over the South China Sea, Vice Commander of the … Continue reading

China didn’t know where the Spratlys were (The Nation)

This photograph taken on May 2, 2014 and released on May 7, 2014 by the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry shows a China Coast Guard ship, right, using a water cannon on a Vietnamese ship in the disputed waters in the South China Sea.//AFP In 1933, the French flexed their colonial muscles and annexed nine of the … Continue reading

Southeast Asia Ministers Urge Self-Restraint on Sea Spat (Bloomberg)

Southeast Asian foreign ministers said they were concerned about a rise in territorial tensions in the South China Sea, calling on all parties including China to show “self-restraint” after Chinese and Vietnamese ships collided near disputed islands. Countries claiming parts of the resource-rich waters should “avoid actions which could undermine peace and stability in the … Continue reading

ASEAN to Express Concern on South China Sea Tension: Burma Minister (Irrawaddy)

NAYPYIDAW — Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) chair Burma said the 10-member regional bloc will issue a joint statement calling for restraint over disputes in the South China Sea, after a Chinese oil rig planted close to a disputed island ignited a confrontation between Vietnamese and Chinese naval vessels earlier this week. Burma is … Continue reading

Asean expresses ‘serious concerns’ over China sea spats (The News)

NAYPYIDAW, Myanmar: Southeast Asia’s regional bloc voiced alarm on Saturday over escalating tensions in the South China Sea after members Vietnam and Philippines squared off against Beijing in the disputed waters. Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) foreign ministers “expressed serious concerns over the on-going developments” in the sea, which is subject to a web … Continue reading

We have great expectations from India: Vietnam (Business Standard)

Mattoo said China was losing the trust of its neighbours and losing all friends Concerned over China’s assertiveness in the South China sea, Vietnam wants India to “rise quickly” in the region. “We are deeply concerned by Chinese assertiveness in the South China sea. The Chinese navy is acting without provocation. These decisions seem to … Continue reading

China-Vietnam face-off in South China Sea leaves India worried (Indiatimes)

NEW DELHI: India has joined the US in ringing alarm bells over China’s expansionist expeditions in the South China Sea clashing with Vietnam and the Philippines early this week. Though trying to play safe, New Delhi refused to name China or Vietnam and instead called for freedom of navigation in the sea. Almost five days … Continue reading

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