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Chinese ships ram Vietnamese vessels in latest oil rig row: officials (thanhniennews)

Vietnamese Marine Police ships patrolling Vietnamese waters were rammed by Chinese marine police, Ngo Ngoc Thu, vice commander of the High Command of Vietnam Marine Police said Wednesday. Thu was speaking at an international press conference held in Hanoi after China deployed a giant mobile drilling rig to search for oil and gas inside Vietnam’s … Continue reading

Vietnam tries to stop China oil rig deployment (AP)

By CHRIS BRUMMITT— May. 7, 2014 5:55 AM EDT     HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Vietnamese and Chinese ships collided Wednesday in the South China Sea as Hanoi sought to prevent Beijing from setting up an oil rig in an area claimed by both nations, Vietnamese officials said. The vice commander of Vietnam’s coast guard, … Continue reading

Chinese fishing fleet on South China Sea (NHK)

Chinese fishing fleet on South China Sea (NHK)

China confirms warship stuck in Spratlys (Inquirer)

China confirms warship stuck in Spratlys (Inquirer)

Asean talks fail over China territorial dispute (bangkokpost)

Asean talks fail over China territorial dispute (bangkokpost)

Mekong Unquiet Over Contain China Moves (Inter Press Service)

Analysis by Marwaan Macan-Markar BANGKOK, Jan 31, 2012 (IPS) – Six countries that share the Mekong River are being drawn into a development turf war, exposing initiatives by the United States government and its Asian allies – Japan and South Korea – to contain China’s growing influence in the region. Unquiet looms up as the … Continue reading

So close, yet still out of reach (Peoples Review Weekly)

In the last couple of months, avoidable unpleasantness have been evident in the Sino-India relations- the starting point of the unpleasantness being India’s intention to explore oil in the South China Sea. But the final corroboration came after Beijing called off talks with Delhi last week that was meant to address their long-running border dispute. … Continue reading

Navy Helicopters are Getting More Deadly with Infrared Rockets (gizmodo)

Destroying enemy vehicles would be a lot easier if the little SOB’s would just sit still and take what’s coming to them—what’s coming being a 2.5-inch Hydra-70 rocket. But of course they don’t, so the Navy’s upgrading its existing stock of rockets with Low-Cost Imaging Terminal Seeker technology. Let’s see them run now. LCITS uses … Continue reading

U.S. seeks to reassure China on Australia military ties (Reuters)

(Reuters) – The United States has sought to reassure China that expanding military U.S. ties with Australia are not aimed at containing China, a U.S. defense official said on Thursday, a day after talks with the Chinese army. President Barack Obama said on a trip to Asia last month the United States was “here to … Continue reading

Obama Raises The Military Stakes: Confrontation On The Frontiers Of China And Russia (

By James Petras Introduction After suffering major military and political defeats in bloody ground wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, failing to buttress long-standing clients in Yemen, Egypt and Tunisia and witnessing the disintegration of puppet regimes in Somalia and South Sudan, the Obama regime has learned nothing: Instead he has turned toward greater military confrontation … Continue reading

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