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Top Cambodian legislator to visit Vietnam (VNA)

Top Cambodian legislator to visit Vietnam (VNA) Advertisements

Japan supports Vietnam coastal defense (NHK)

Japan’s Foreign Minister says the country is willing to help Vietnam bolster its coastal patrol capabilities. Koichiro Gemba met with Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh in Hanoi on Saturday. They discussed regional tensions over disputed islands in the South China Sea. The ministers agreed that both Vietnam and China should abide by international laws … Continue reading

Half the picture (República)

 If communist ideology could have worked, the mighty Soviet Union wouldn´t have fallen into pieces, the Eastern Europe would not have been freed from communism, and China and Vietnam would never have resorted to capitalist economic policies. JAINENDRA JEEVAN Ever tired of lecturing that Communists should understand the real world objectively without applying the advice … Continue reading

The TPP is the Next Battle ground in the War Over the Internet (Forbes)

The internet may have been very quick to rest on its laurels after the successful opposition to SOPA. First there was the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, a highly restrictive, multi-national law that looked a lot like SOPA and covered everything from music downloads to crops. That bill saw much of the same opposition that SOPA, and … Continue reading

Australia’s navy told to be more visible near resource projects (Reuters/WA today)

Defence planners urged Australia’s military yesterday to maintain a stronger presence in the country’s north and north-west to guard the booming resource industry and be better placed to respond to challenges from Asia and the Indian Ocean. An interim report of Australia’s defence posture review said a more visible military presence could counter perceptions that … Continue reading

Vietnam PM orders probe after guerrilla-style standoff with farmers over land eviction (AP/Washington Post)

By Associated Press HANOI, Vietnam — Vietnam’s prime minister called for an investigation Tuesday into a guerrilla-style clash between authorities and farmers who tried to fend off a land eviction by laying homemade land mines and firing improvised shotguns. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung issued the order into the high-profile case after six police and … Continue reading

New regional order in Asia is reaction to Chinese hegemony (Gulf News)

India, Japan and the US build a strategic relationship and other Asian countries band together to counter heavyweight Beijing By Jaswant Singh Asia’s economic dynamism is beginning to find a parallel in the region’s diplomacy, particularly where security is concerned. Indeed, we may now be “present at the creation”, as former US Secretary of State … Continue reading

China’s Greatest Threat Is Internal (Council on Foreign Relations)

December 28, 2011 Financial Times Richard N. Haass I have been travelling to China for more than three decades, but never have I encountered a Chinese leadership so uncertain of the country’s future. It is little exaggeration to say that the world’s most populous country is on its heels. The irony is inescapable: political leaders … Continue reading

New Dehli forges new ties across Asia (Bangkok Post)

Asia’s economic dynamism is beginning to find a parallel in the region’s diplomacy, particularly where security is concerned. Indeed, we may now be “present at the creation”, as former US secretary of state Dean Acheson called his memoire which described the construction of the post-World War II global security order. This time, what is being … Continue reading

China disowns local communist rebels (Philippine News)

BEIJING—The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is no longer a concern of the 90-year-old and 80-million member Communist Party of China (CPC), according to a top party official. Shen Beili, director general of the international department of the Bureau of Southeast and South Asian Affairs of the CPC Central Committee, has described as “zero” … Continue reading

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