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China flexing more muscle in Pacific: report (Jjapan Times)

Defense paper cites isle provocations, casts wary eye on N. Korea By AYAKO MIE Staff writer This year’s defense white paper underscores China’s rapid military buildup and constant muscle-flexing in the Pacific Ocean as a shared concern of the international community. “The situation surrounding East Asia has been rapidly changing,” Satoshi Morimoto, the fourth defense … Continue reading

Will China Launch a Nuclear 9/11? (FOX News)

Former Chinese general Xu Guangyu, in an unusual comment in a Hong Kong newspaper, recently suggested China was planning a surprise missile attack on the American homeland. His unsettling comment came in response to a WikiLeaks revelation that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a classified cable sent January 9, 2010, instructed American embassies to … Continue reading

Chinese military growth presents more risks (Marine Corps Times)

The reach and capability of China’s navy and air force are expanding, posing a growing risk to security in Asia, military officials say. A new aircraft carrier that began sea trials this summer and the public test flight in January of an advanced fighter jet designed to rival U.S. technology are just two examples of … Continue reading

Secret Cables Sketch Oddities of U.S.-China Relations (The New York Times)

BEIJING — This capital city’s skies were clogged with pollution, as is often the case, and China’s government was concerned. So it summoned officials of the American embassy here to a meeting. But the session had nothing to do with hazy skies. Rather, Chinese officials were peeved that the Americans were monitoring pollution themselves, and … Continue reading

Leadership with Chinese Characteristics (Asia Sentinel)

No soft power here A common theme in the international media and academic papers emphasizes China’s rise vs. America’s decline and presents China as the coming superpower. However, the question is how China can lead the globe if it is not trusted in its own turf. So far, Beijing has failed to lead in Asia, … Continue reading

Why China Is Subject To Suspicion And Hostility – Analysis (Eurasia Review)

By SAAG No outsider really knows what goes on behind those high walls of Zhongnanhai in Beijing where the top leadership live, work, discuss, plot and strategize. Analysis and assessments are done by following the official media, think tank reports, open interactions with Chinese officials and intellectuals (though very limited), and official statements which have … Continue reading

China has strengthened nuclear missiles as deterrent against India: U.S. (The Hindu)

Narayan Lakshman Pace of its military investments may destabilise regional military balances” China has substituted liquid-fuelled, nuclear-capable missiles with “more advanced and survivable solid-fuelled” rocket systems, and this has been explicitly aimed at “[strengthening] its deterrent posture relative to India,” according to an annual report on the developments within the Chinese military, authored by the … Continue reading

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